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P2 Taco Salad 2 (rogue)

I eat ranch dressing on P2. There, I admit it. I know lots of other HCGers who also use my ranch recipe and continue to have great losses. Some count it as their milk allowance, and others just eat it in addition. Yum!

Taco Salad 2

3.5 oz Ground Beef
Spices of your choice, like cumin, chili powder, cilantro, etc.
2 cups Lettuce
1 Tbsp Ranch Dressing
2-3 Tbsp Salsa

Brown ground beef. Add taco spices of your choice to taste. Mix ranch dressing with salsa. Serve over lettuce.
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Unknown said...

Salads are good for your health that is why i love and enjoy eating salad either for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thank you for sharing your recipe and continue to inspire more people to become fit and healthy inside and out. Visit my site too for more information. Have a great day!

KNZ said...

Love your page! I have been eating taco salad for the last two days!! Thank you for sharing all of your recipes!

Unknown said...

I love your blog. Keep it up.Visit my site too.

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