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P2 Salsa Scrambled Eggs

Quick, yummy breakfast that counts for 1 protein and 1 fruit or vegetable serving.

Salsa Scrambled Eggs

4 Egg Whites and 1 Yolk, beaten
2-3 Tbsp Salsa

Scramble eggs until almost done to your liking, and mix in salsa.  Easy!
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Amie said...

Well I tried eating eggs while on P2 this week... one day my weight stayed the same, the next I gained .6, so I guess I can't do eggs. Bummer, because it's a really nice change. (I was using Egg Beaters on the day I gained...I wonder if it has some unseen hidden sugar in it)

T-SPEAKK said...

What type of salsa is used for your recipes?

Lianne said...

Any kind is fine as long as there is no sugar! I avoid the fruity ones.

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