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P2 Super Easy Marinara Sauce

This is my new favorite way to have marinara sauce ready very quickly. I'm able to make this and feed my family a regular spaghetti dinner, myself a P2 dinner, and my husband has enough to take to work the next day for lunch. Win!

Super Easy Marinara Sauce

First, make a batch of Pizza Sauce:

2 cups tomato sauce (1 14oz can is fine)
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 Tbsp oregano
1 Tbsp basil
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
10-15 drops Liquid Stevia, optional

You can freeze this in two portions, or make a huge batch with a giant can of tomato sauce, and freeze into a bunch of portions.

When you want marinara sauce, just take a portion of pizza sauce, add a couple of cans of diced tomatoes and a can of tomato paste, and heat it up. That's it!

Here is my lovely sauce over zucchini spaghetti and served with meatballs. Who knew eating HCG Phase 2 could taste so good or be so filling?!

The trick to the zucchini noodles is this amazing spirooli slicer.  You don't have to peel the zucchini first but I prefer it peeled.  Stick it in the slicer with the smallest blade inserted, and spin!

Awesome zucchini noodles!  I slice my zucchini vertically, about halfway through so I get a bunch of half-curls.  Spoon hot sauce over them and you almost forget you aren't eating pasta.
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Moving Mountains said...

I was wondering why you say make the pizza sauce first? Thank you!

Lianne said...

You can make it all together, just double the diced tomatoes you add. The pizza sauce recipe makes a double batch, for me, so I make it ahead and then use half of it with diced tomatoes for marinara. I'll use the other half for pizza, or marinara another night.

Patty said...

Do you cook the zucchini or eat it raw with the sauce?

Lianne said...

I just leave it raw, but I heat the sauce until it's very hot so it cooks the zucchini a little bit when I put it on. I even let it sit for just a minute to allow that to happen. You could steam the zucchini a little bit if you wanted it softer but I don't like mine mushy at all so I'd rather it be more on the raw side. It's up to you though! :)

Unknown said...

is zuchinni allowed on phase 2? I been following a facebook hcg and they say a lot of this stuff u use is not allowed, but your recipes look so good, did any of these foods make u stall?

Lianne said...

Hi! There are lots and lots of variations of the HCG protocol. I started with what I felt were the "official" rules - Simeons' book. I added some foods that made sense to me like zucchini and broccoli, with absolutely no problem at all. If I ever had an issue with a recipe, it's not on this blog. Everything here worked great for me. That doesn't mean it's fine for everyone so anytime you try something that is "off protocol" or "rogue" you should be cautious and watch to see it if affects you negatively. If not, then it's probably fine for you to eat, in my experience. :) Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

you are organized in your work photo signing

Unknown said...

What is the serving portion of the zucchini?

DarlingNIcki said...

How much sauce do you use per serving?

Miss_Jessy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss_Jessy said...

I don't have liquid stevia. what would be the equivalent to 10-15 drops of liquid in powder?

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